8th floor

When I was a child I had a recurring nightmare. I am in the elevator – we live in a block of flats, on the 5th floor of a 7-floor building. My mother has forbidden me to use the elevator alone, so I’m nervous. I push button 5, the elevator starts its journey with a… Continue reading 8th floor

Hunter-gatherers of a New Era

We have the brains of hunter-gatherers. Born on the savannah a long time ago. Served us well for a while. Now we’re in offices, staring at laptops, galloping from one meeting to another. Multi-hustling. Economy and Growth must be re-thought: from Gross National Product competitions to  communities that help each other. Time must be re-thought:… Continue reading Hunter-gatherers of a New Era

Veggietiger awakens

I realise that I have been sleepwalking in a nightmare of greed, competition and busyness. I decide to awaken and start living a good and meaningful life – including worklife. I decide to start my journey of transcendence: from a man-eating tiger to a vegetarian tiger. The Tales of Transcendence begin… “I’m dreaming. I notice that I’m standing in water. From the reflection in water I see I’ve become a tiger;  orange fur, black stripes, sharp teeth and claws. I want meat, lots of meat…”