Pacemaker of my Life

Nature has its own rhythms. They give birth in the spring and grow in the summer, retreat in the fall and sleep or die in the winter. It is not natural for a human being to be efficient and in full swing at all times. I have to find my own inherent rhythm, the Pace… Continue reading Pacemaker of my Life

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Relaxed and sharp

On my first taiji-session, when I was a young man, I tried to take control of the complex movements, quickly and efficiently, to show others how smart I am. The teacher comes to me, breathes and looks at me calmly. – “Listen Pekka, we’re not trying anything special, just being relaxed and sharp. Simultaneously.” Relaxation… Continue reading Relaxed and sharp

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Interdependence Day

Why are we celebrating Independence Day? There’s been many wars for  independence. You can’t have a war for interdependence – against whom would you fight? What about business?  What happens in the workplace? Trade wars, market conquests, competition, silos, workplace bullying and endless rush. Constantly offering an experience of inadequacy. Doesn’t sound like fun.  Sustainable… Continue reading Interdependence Day

Living spaciously

Thoughts. My head is full of them. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Do I choose my thoughts, or do they choose me? Do I think, or does thinking happen to me? If I can’t control my thoughts, are they mine, and therefore do I exist? Is there space in me for big thoughts?… Continue reading Living spaciously

Renaissance 2.0

Lack of concentration and wildly galloping mind is reaping a grim harvest just like Black Death in the Middle Ages. Now the main casualties of being busy are feeling of sufficiency and purpose, and truly creative innovations.   There’s a climate crisis and mass extinction of species going on. This time not caused by a meteorite… Continue reading Renaissance 2.0

Tear down the curtain of busyness

The makings of a good day: a well-slept night, an unhurried breakfast, eating with moderation, a reasonable amount of physical exercise, a moment of meditation, thought-provoking reading, good dialogue with the family and other interesting people. To get a proper working day, add ingredients: A clear plan and focused energy to get it done. Spacious… Continue reading Tear down the curtain of busyness

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Everybody wants to be a Forerunner. Winner, fast, aggressive. Crossing the line first. But do we have a clear direction, certainty of our goal, shared understanding of success? Have we asked all the people, and other species on this planet? How does one ask the whole planet? Has it already responded? It’s difficult to stop… Continue reading Forestopper

Lighthouse of Presence

A lighthouse doesn’t run around the beach to find a ship to rescue. It stands serenely on a high cliff and lets its own light shine. Is happy to help in case someone notices the light. Doesn’t mind if no one pays attention. I open my light. I am totally present. I know others will… Continue reading Lighthouse of Presence