Interdependence Day

Why are we celebrating Independence Day? There’s been many wars for  independence. You can’t have a war for interdependence – against whom would you fight?

What about business?  What happens in the workplace? Trade wars, market conquests, competition, silos, workplace bullying and endless rush.

Constantly offering an experience of inadequacy. Doesn’t sound like fun.  Sustainable business comes from a sense of togetherness and building constant inspiration, not overcoming others.

Could we give up the gloomy story of separation and confrontation?  Replaced by a new story of joyful interbeing and interdependence. Not just between people, but living beings. 

Goodbye, a time of great acceleration and global nature loss. Welcome to the Time of Great Slowdown and Planetary Business!

Coaching Corner: 

(reflect alone) How do you feel about being dependent on other human beings? Or Nature? (start dialogue) Who are you dependent on –  either for your joy, peace of mind, feeling of purpose, or survival? Who is depending on you?

By Pekka Pirhonen

Stopping and moving people. A shift in being initiates a shift in action. Organisation Consultant and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Focus areas in my client work: (1) Strategic and cultural renewal (2) Management team awareness (3) Growing as a leader and a human being

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