Veggietiger’s vision

I want to release my power, be free of worrying that I might cause damage. 

I want  my work to be meaningful, I want to serve our shared goals and build a beautiful future for the generations to come. Not only human generations.

How does a tiger let go of its rage, unleash its full power so gently that the whole jungle could be joyful? Can we all become Veggietigers, find our power and peace? Can we stop devouring  the whole planet, and turn into planetary caretakers?

I want to love unconditionally. I want to become a Vegetarian Tiger. Strong and friendly.

Coaching Corner:  

(reflect alone) What is your vision, dream, inspiring goal? (start dialogue) Where do you find the people who can help you to fulfil your dream – and you can help them?

By Pekka Pirhonen

Stopping and moving people. A shift in being initiates a shift in action. Organisation Consultant and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Focus areas in my client work: (1) Strategic and cultural renewal (2) Management team awareness (3) Growing as a leader and a human being

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