Everybody wants to be a Forerunner. Winner, fast, aggressive. Crossing the line first.

But do we have a clear direction, certainty of our goal, shared understanding of success?

Have we asked all the people, and other species on this planet? How does one ask the whole planet? Has it already responded?

It’s difficult to stop to listen to the reply in an overspeeding world.

Maybe it’s easy: Just breath in, and breath out. And listen. Everyone is the inquirer and the responder.

Everyone is a Forestopper.

Coaching Corner:

(reflect alone) Which situations make you doubt your choice of speed? (start dialogue) Do you go to people who have found their sense of rhythm, or listen to the silence of nature?

By Pekka Pirhonen

Stopping and moving people. A shift in being initiates a shift in action. Organisation Consultant and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Focus areas in my client work: (1) Strategic and cultural renewal (2) Management team awareness (3) Growing as a leader and a human being

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