Hunter-gatherers of a New Era

We have the brains of hunter-gatherers. Born on the savannah a long time ago. Served us well for a while.

Now we’re in offices, staring at laptops, galloping from one meeting to another. Multi-hustling.

Economy and Growth must be re-thought: from Gross National Product competitions to  communities that help each other.

Time must be re-thought: from quarters to generations, from chasing the next goal to thriving in the Now.

No more waste commodities or thoughts. Mental hunters. Treading lightly on the sensitive face of Earth, and of human mind.

Coaching Corner:

(reflect alone) What is enough, and what is too much? (start dialogue) Go to the nearest forest and listen to its reply.

By Pekka Pirhonen

Stopping and moving people. A shift in being initiates a shift in action. Organisation Consultant and ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Focus areas in my client work: (1) Strategic and cultural renewal (2) Management team awareness (3) Growing as a leader and a human being

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