Regenerative growth

During the Coronacrisis we are urged to keep a social distance to other human beings. I went to the forest to connect with the trees. I wanted to learn from their rootedness, standing still in this moment.

I encountered different trees. Some were young, strong and healthy, growing vigorously and enjoying it. At least that was my impression, the human condition that sees other living beings from a human perspective. Perhaps trees don’t see themselves as individuals, trying to grow faster and look better than the next tree?

I also encountered dead trees. They were in a state of decay, but at the same time full of new life. The dead trees were offering a platform for regeneration, and therefore there was no sorrow in their death. Everything circulates in nature, including human nature. Our deepest essence is collective regeneration, not individual ego.

The only thing that seems to be non-generative, is the way we humans live – our economy, our politics, our separation into nations. We are taking more than we give back, from nature and from each other. This way of thinking and living cannot continue. We need to find a new direction.

Social distancing and regenerative growth in a Finnish forest

Coaching Corner: (reflect alone) Look at you own life. Where do you see balanced taking and giving, the absence of your ego wanting more than others? Where do you see yourself taking more than you give back? => (start dialogue) How can you start new kind of discussions with others? With whom would you like have a more balanced approach? Do you need to make peace with nature? How would you do that?

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