Limitless growth

Where do I end, and where do others begin? If I look at my body, my skin seems to form a natural borderline. All that is inside my skin, is part of me. The rest is the outside world. A puzzling conundrum: there are bacteria living inside me, some useful and some potentially harmful (read the article at ScientificAmerican). Are they a part of me, or aliens living inside me?

I’m more than my body. I sense my surroundings, construct my own perceptions, experience feelings, build beliefs and paradigms in my mind. My thoughts can travel to distant places and time. What if I am as big as my imagination? Did I grow into a giant the moment I first saw a Hubble photo of a distant galaxy?

Am I growing from inside out, or outside in? Do I have to “get my inner world in shape” first, in order to be present for others and face the outside world? Or do I need others to be able to find and face myself?

Perhaps the whole notion of a boundary between me and others is wrong? I grow faster if I regard the boundary as permeable, not solid. Perhaps I find my true self by letting go of the idea of a permanent me? Is my potential for mental growth infinite? Can I grow to the size of the universe? Am I already that big?

– all the best, Pexi

Reflection questions:

  • Do you perceive the outside world as friendly or threatening? Do you need a boundary between you and the others?
  • Do you grow from inside out, or vice versa? Or is it both?
  • Do you want to grow and renew continuously? How do you measure your growth?

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