Itsen johtamisen niksi-pirkka

Miten johdat itseäsi? Miten olet? Millaisiin tekoihin se johtaa? Onko teoillasi haluamasi vaikutus? 👉


Onnivaattori -kirja on loppusuoralla. Tarinassani yritän vastata omalta osaltani näihin kysymyksiin. En siksi, että kuvittelisin niiden olevan ainoat oikeat vastaukset. Haluan avata keskustelua, olen utelias miten muut näkevät nämä asiat. Olen aloittanut lyhyet kasvokkaiset haastattelut tai virtuaalisparrailut. Ilmoittaudu mukaan jos haluat; ao. lomakkeella tai soita suoraan 050-5587808. Minulla on aikaa kuunnella sinua.

Happyvator: How do you lead yourself? Do you need acceleration, or slowing down? If you’re interested, I would like to meet you and share experiences. Fill in the form above, let’s find a way to connect.

– Terveisin Pexi

By Pekka Pirhonen

I do human-centric strategic development involving individuals, teams and organizations. At all levels it’s about creating and directing energy, inner transformation, and synchronization of individual and collective awareness. A shift in being initiates a shift in action.

In my blog "Coaching Corner" at I speak mainly about individual transformation and self-leadership. However, my personal experience tells that there is no separate “me” - I happen in relationships with others and with nature. Therefore my main motto regarding transformative self-leadership says “lead yourself towards others and all living beings”.

And once you’ve established contact, open your heart and mind, listen carefully and engage in powerful dialogue. This will transform you, and the whole world. Be the transformation you want to see in the world.

I am a professional self-leadership coach with ICF PCC-certificate, with a lot of experience in virtual coaching. Interested in all kinds of virtual collaboration, coaching assignments and mutual learning.

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